Cornell Florist is a floral design studio and shop in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. We style and arrange flowers for special occasions,  events  and weddings of all sizes. We also design custom arrangements for delivery throughout the city. We enjoy seeking out the best flowers and foliage of the season, and we are always on the look-out for the most moving colors and textures. The natural world inspires us and surfaces in our work as rambling shapes, contrasting textures and unlikely ingredients. 

We work with a variety of individuals and organizations including the University of Chicago and Medical Center.  We are available for weekly floral services and plant maintenance in business & residential buildings, homes, and restaurants. Weekly and monthly subscriptions can be organized. 

We also keep a fresh stock of flowers in the shop for on the spot bouquets. 

Our shop has been in its location since 1939 and features an original hardwood cooler & 1910s cash register. We stock a rotating variety of unusual plants as well as a selection handmade goods from around the world, including textiles by Auntie Oti; ceramics by Cécile Daladier; jewelry by Mary MacGill, Misaki Sano, and Sarah Shikama; soaps by Savon de Marseille; and illustrated cards by Courtney Knight and Johanna Tagada.

You can visit the shop Tuesday through Saturday from 10 until 6:30 and on Sundays from 10 until 4.  We are closed on Mondays.

For  inquiries please call 773-324-1651 or  e-mail flowers@cornellflorist.com.